About me

Cooking is great, sharing is even better!

Hi and welcome! My name is Nikolina, the cook and the videographer behind the Go Delicious recipes.

To me, cooking is about enjoying everyday life. I love thinking about recipes, reading about recipes, talking about recipes… you get the point! I am not afraid to learn from doing, most of the recipe I ever learned how to make required a series of over-salted, under-baked, too-watery, simply bland attempts.

That’s how we learn and become better! Until a day comes when we make a recipe that is beautiful, mouthwatering, finger-licking delicious! We feel proud and pure joyful. And that’s not even the best part.

The best part for me is watching my friends and family eating and laughing and enjoying their time, sharing pieces, passing plates, talking with their mouth full, dinging their glasses, cheering for life and memories. I hold those moments so near and dear to my heart. I savour them like it’s the last chocolate cake in my life. Each time, I hold my breath for a second and think: mama mia, I had no idea cooking can be so worth it!

So, how about you my friend, do you love cooking? Let’s connect and keep sharing with each other!

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